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For any business to grow constantly, it is essential that maintains its trust and confidence. With our profound and technical knowledge, we help to build and maintain the trust and confidence with our assurance services. This in turn results in encouraging the support system of the business, efficient work flow of the business and assure long term sustainable growth.

Efficient and Proprietary Audit:

Efficiency and proprietary audit provide a chance to build the future image of business. We ensure that the resources of the business are channelized into the most remunerative means. Decisions and actions of the executives are in balance with the structure, rules and regulations and financial discipline, is our prime point of focus.

  • Revenue Gap Identification (RGI): One of the most inspiring mission of a business is to maximize revenue, even beyond industry average and overtake competitors. We help to maximize the revenue with our revenue gap identification expertise. We stuff the revenue gulch by identifying revenue leakage areas, detailed examination of operation flows, etc.
  • Internal Controls: In the contemporary world, it is crucial to identify risk and place appropriate internal controls for safeguarding business interest. Our team delivers remarkable strategies to design internal controls, examine effectiveness of internal controls, advise on improvement areas, etc.
  • Operations: For a business to survive and grow constantly, its productivity plays a vital role. We focus on the significant process of the business, its procedures and systems. Considering all these aspects, we build up strategies that assists a business to rise its operational productivity and exploit the maximum benefits from the resources.
  • Systems: In today’s world information system fuels the organisation. Though the audit of information system is not mandated by law, we strongly recommend audit of information systems to prevent data loss, inaccurate data, computer errors, incorrect decision, etc. Our team of experts can help your information systems, to be a better, reliable and robust.
  • Management: Management is the heart of business. We analyse the whole organisation structure, its objectives, policies, source of information, management functions, etc. After examining these factors, we afford guidance to stream the management process more fluently.
  • Forensic: Ever increasing fraud and financial crimes have knocked the door of forensic audit. Our team of experts offer dynamic and strategic tool for combating such frauds and crimes, with the help of Forensic Audit services.
  • Input Tax Credit Verification: Our prime focus is on maximization of our client’s benefits and input tax credit being one such benefit, we offer services of input tax credit verification. With our expertise, we make sure that there is no loss in availment of eligible input tax credit. Our depth verification also includes testifying compliance of conditions and restrictions, timely availment, appropriate reversal, etc.
  • Fixed Asset Verification: Only with help of fixed assets, any business can generate cash flows. Hence, due care must be taken on periodic verification of Fixed Assets. Our fixed asset verification includes physical verification, records verification, appropriate asset valuation, recommendation on method of depreciation, etc.
  • Internal Audits: We advise and support businesses on performance, risk management, internal controls, operations, policies, improvement areas, implementation of best practices, etc.

Due Diligence:

We believe in being proactive. We perform corporate due diligence services so that acquirer is reasonably informed about exposure involved in acquiring business/asset and safeguarding before signing the contract. Also, due diligence is suggested from the seller’s perspective as it can help the seller to fetch higher value of business/asset being sold.

  • Business: We examine and offer evaluation from commercial, operational and strategic perspectives through which we try to expose potential exposures, contractual obligations, etc.
  • Tax: We methodically consider the interpretations and practises adopted by target company in relation to tax provisions and evaluate validity of such interpretations and practices. to confirm that none of the legal provision is violated in this process.
  • Financial:The financial records form a critical fragment of any business. We validate the authenticity and accuracy of financial information and records, benefit projections, cost exposure, etc.
  • Legal: We follow a standardized approach by which we safeguard the risk of failure to comply essential legal procedures, condition, restrictions, etc., as failure of statutory compliance may be punitive.
  • Resource: Employees are core element of any business; however, excessive workforce or employee expense may lead to additional cost on a business. Our experts of resource due diligence services caters evaluation of work force, judging job profile, estimating actual requirement, applicability of labour laws, etc.
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