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Funds Procurement:

Fund is one of the key requirements for initiation and progress of any business. Funds can be procured from several sources. We provide support in identifying best alternative for procuring fund, arranging suitable source, documentation work, fund disbursal, etc.

  • Debt Syndication: Debt syndication is a process involving a group of lenders fund a small portion of a loan of a single borrower. Debt syndication bridges gap of non-fund requirement with fund requirement altogether at a reasonable interest rate. We provide support on designing, arranging, structuring, administering and monitoring debt syndication.
  • Private Equity: We assist in arranging investors that are inclined to infuse funds directly in private companies. We also provide support throughout the process including negotiation, valuation, documentation, etc.
  • Strategic alliance: Strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies to pool resources and achieve synergy. We help in exploring synergy, identifying allies, structuring, etc.
  • Demerger:We help in searching investor motivated to buy demerged unit. We also advise on regulatory compliances, documentation, cost optimisation, etc. throughout the demerger process.

CFO Services:

With our CFO services, an entity can strategize finance projections, estimate sound budgets, cash flow issues, capital management, mitigate finance risks and much more. A seasoned veteran CFO can be a coach and guide in key financial areas just a call away. We offer flexible engagement model which can aid engagement level depending upon size and growth stage of each business entity.

  • Consulting CFO: Our consulting CFO services can be flexible upon need, time or query based. This can be cost effective solution for getting expert advice in relation crucial decision.
  • Virtual CFO: Our virtual CFO may not be present on-site but just a call away whenever needed. We can virtually assist you anywhere in the world thereby ensuring smooth business decisions, analysis, etc.
  • Part-time CFO: A part-time CFO immediately can help focus on key financial elements rather than get lost in the day-to-day operational details of the business. Part-time CFOs are cost effective solutions that can deliver invaluable input and insight to strategic decisions.
  • Accounting & finance: We offer accounting and finance services in relation to proper maintenance of books of accounts, financial statements in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework, automation of process flow, etc. We exercise our role and timely offer advices to channelize optimum use of financial resources.
  • Working Capital management: Working capital management is essential to ensure that a company operates efficiently by monitoring and using its current assets and liabilities. An entity with limited financial resources can foster with effective working capital management. We offer various advices and assistance in managing working capital by way of swift debtor collections, availing cash credit facilities, etc.


Monitoring funds are as important as procuring funds. We provide effective solutions in monitoring fund, which can define appropriate allocation of funds, track over-spending/under-spending with deep dived reasons and much more.

  • Budgeting & MIS: Accounting is nothing but a set of financial information that accurately measures the healthiness of company and efficiently reveals the economic aspects. In short, it can exactly pinpoint where your company stands in the market. Precisely, this is where Management Information system comes into play. A MIS report compiled by our expert financial analysts provides comprehensive numbers that focuses on balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements. This can also help in budgeting funds for each segment.
  • Business Projections: Our experts can assist in estimating financial performance of a business which can be helpful in planning company's activities and needs well in advance.
  • Cash flow management: Cash flow management is the process of tracking how much money is infused and spent on various areas. Cash flow can help in tracking availability and requirement of funds at specific intervals.
  • Variance Analysis: Through variance analysis, we quantitatively examine the difference between actual and planned behaviour and reach to moot cause of difference. This analysis is used to maintain control over finance of a business.

Value Maximization:

The main objective of every entity is to grow and keep growing. Value maximization is the key to achieve the growth objective. Our experts advice on various means for value maximization by identifying potential revenue sources, maximize product profits, cost optimization, manage funds, etc.

  • Revenue Maximization: Maximizing revenue by way of enhancing sales and operating revenue is one of the means for creating value. Our experts advantageously assist on pricing strategy, maximize market share, identify potential market, incentivize revenue, brand building, etc.
  • Treasury Management: We provide support in treasury management by identifying best possible use of funds, maintain liquidity, reduce cost of funds, and mitigating operational, financial and reputational risk.
  • Cost Optimisation: We offer support by our disciplined, focused and constant approach in cost optimisation. As it is said that ‘a small leak can sink ship’, we not only focus on major costs but also keep an eye over micro costs. We help in identifying areas of cost reduction, process automation, standardization, etc.
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