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Taxation plays a key role in many businesses around the world. Taxes in particularly in India are levied by Central and State Governments. Few taxes are also levied by local authorities. In India, direct tax includes income tax, wealth tax, corporate tax etc. and indirect tax includes GST & customs duty. We accommodate taxpayer’s burden of hefty tax compliance and understanding of complex tax laws, by our various service levels crafted suitably to meet business requirements.


Taxation law, being interpretative and prone to diverse view, is required to carefully applied for each business transaction and situation. We provide advisory services supported with legal backings so as to understand and applying the law to a particular transaction /structure in a way that can optimize tax.

Restructuring of Transactions:

Transaction restructuring involves careful analysis of existing transaction, exploring benefits and moulding transaction in a way that can churn out best possible outcome. We provide tax planning solutions so as to save tax by restructuring the transaction to avail exemptions, deductions and other incentives.

Government policy support:

We bridge the gap between Government’s policy and Taxpayer’s expectation by providing representation to Government on behalf of industries. Representation services can be for practical or legal difficulties in implementation, decrease in tax rates, request tax exemptions, etc.

Corporate retainerships:

Taxes, being recurring part of any businesses, we provide retainership support in the form of reviewing the monthly compliances, enabling timely tax payments along with expert advisory on transactions

Compliance support:

Since the burden of paying taxes always stands on the taxpayers, we provide support to various taxpayers by providing compliance support in the form of accurate computation of tax and payment of appropriate tax in timely and efficient manner.

Health checks/Reviews:

One-time cost is better & cost-effective to companies these days rather than a recurring cost for monthly compliances, we being premium service providers provide one-time review services as per the requirement of the taxpayer. Health checks cover start to end check of transactions on the tax paid, additional tax liability, ancillary compliances, etc. and advisory to buckle up the issues noticed. Our health check up services has lead to value addition in majority of the corporates.


In order to pay correct tax it is imperative to classify the product appropriately matching with the product description and its usage. Classification is important as far as customs & GST are concerned and we provide in-depth analysis and quality support on classification of the product.

Tax credits:

As far as indirect tax is concerned input tax credit plays a key role in paying taxes and it is important to analyse the eligibility, restrictions and conditions before availing the credit. We provide in-depth analysis to testify eligibility, restrictions and conditions of credit in consonance with law and provide expert advice in order to avoid litigation and interest cost.


Getting Refund of taxes paid on a timely manner is the need of the hour for the honest taxpayers. We being committed to growth of the taxpayers provide timely and efficient support in obtaining refund by way of documentation, calculation of refund amount, explaining refund eligibility to Department, address practical difficulties, etc.


Every business entity thrives through incentives. We help to identify incentives and subsidies and provide guidance on how to reap the most out of it. We help in procuring incentives subsidies includes MEIS, SEIS, EPCG, etc.


One of the most severe & noteworthy services of professionals is issuance of certificates to the clients/taxpayers for various purposes as required under various tax laws.

Corporate trainings:

Trainings play a key role in knowledge sharing and nurturing skills of the employees in the field of taxation work and preparing monthly reports covering the law. Corporate training is treated as mandatory agenda for most of the corporates these days to effectively implement the procedures in hand. We provide trainings which helps corporates to structure their in-house team and address tax compliance.

Departmental representations:

We also provide representation support upto Tribunal level and brief counsels in matters relating to higher authorities such as High Court and Supreme Court.

Due diligence:

Tax due diligence focuses on tax treatment by the target company, ascertainment for possible exposure, on-going litigation and identifying tax risks.


Litigation plays a vital role in Indian taxation laws as the interpretation of the law by assessee and departmental views collides many a times. We provide quality and enhanced support with legal backing in litigation matters which uplifts the chances of getting fruitful results to the taxpayers.

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