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Business Support

Business Set up:

We offer solutions to patrons who wish to explore and expand business dimensions. We provide support on identifying business opportunities, strategizing location, structuring business constitution, regulatory compliances, determine suitable business model, system set-up, incubation support, etc. Our business set up services include end to end support throughout entity formation.

  • Entity Formation Consultation: Different kind of entity form requires different compliances. Also, the cost and benefits vary depending upon the constitution and form of an entity. We provide entity formation consultancy so as to identify mode of formation, cost and benefits attached to each type after taking into consideration unique business requirements.
  • Location Analysis: Business location has influence upto success and failure of a company. Logistical location can save a lot and as it is well known quote that money saved is money earned. We assist in choosing suitable site depending upon unique business needs after taking into consideration various factors such as demographics, psychographics, census, transport connectivity, labour cost and availability, cost of property, etc.
  • Incubation Support: We help to create and grow young business by providing incubation support. We provide ready to move incubation support at pocket friendly price. Our incubation services include accessible work place, greater connectivity, resource availability, etc.
  • System Set UP: Every business requires reliable, robust and accurate systems in place to drive entire business chain. We help in setting up a system which can cater various needs of the business.
  • Regulatory Set Up: Setting up a business unit hints various regulatory compliances. Such compliances may be one-time compliances such as obtaining registrations, licenses, etc. or recurring compliances such as furnishing returns, tax payments, document submissions, etc. We support in regulatory set-up of both the kinds. We provide services of obtaining licenses & registrations as required under various regulations. We also handhold in regular compliances by handholding during initial stages.

Business Process:

If planning is foundation, process is pillar. Any business model cannot succeed merely with business planning, immaculate implementation is necessary as well. We not support in enable and validate process but also advice on improvising and automating the implementation. Our team has a rich exposure right from ground level to leader level. Our major support area includes accounting, banking, payroll processing, regulatory compliances, MIS, etc.

  • Accounting: Accounting is a significant business segment required for overall business administration as well as fulfill statutory mandates. Reports generated through appropriate accounting can be crucial in taking strategic business decisions. Our accounting solutions include setting accounting system, preparing books of account, financial reporting, monitoring collection, aging analysis, consolidation of financial statements, reconciling differences, etc.
  • Banking: Our banking services includes support in availing maximum benefits out of banking facilities such as overdraft, cash credit, parking excess funds, bank guarantee, letter of credit, etc.
  • Payroll processing: We provide advice on various deductions and incentive plans to grab most out of employees in reduced cost and assist in implementing systems to automate whole processing, record hours worked, idle time, etc.
  • Regulatory Compliances: Ever-increasing complexities and frequent amendment in legal environment suggest needs of expert advisors for regulatory compliances. Also, failure to comply with regulatory requirements can be considered as an offence resulting into penalties, fines and sometimes prosecution. To avoid legal repercussions, we provide support in handling day to day regulatory compliances under various laws such as tax laws, corporate laws, FEMA, etc.
  • Management Information System (MIS): MIS provides accurate and speedy access to information in graphical manner which enables management at different levels to take strategic and tactical decisions. Therefore, it is important to devote time in designing MIS. We provide expert services in planning the design of MIS so as to improve effectiveness, automate process, one-click access to important fields, etc.
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